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Three Fold Invitations

The invitation opens out with two sides, and the main information is printed centrally with space either side for any extra information you wish to include.

An ideal invitation if you have lots of extra information for your guests.

Extra insert cards can also be added to this style of invitation for an extra special look and feel. As the example in the gallery shows, 4 headed insert cards are securely slotted into the right hand side. These cards can be adapted to suit your needs but typically cover directions/ places to stay, wedding list information, RSVP card.

If you don’t require the insert cards, there is still plenty of room for printing extra information on the inside fold to the left or the right of the central invitation wording.
Your choice of ribbon colour and design can make your invitations unique to you.

As with all of our invitations, price depends on quantity, so do contact us for a quote. Three fold invitaions are our most elaborate style, and prices typically begin at £4.00 per invitation.
See the price guide for further information.


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